: Today I passed my 117-201 exam and now I play a little bit with the Vi : key bindings on Zsh. In Bash you can set them with set -o vi, and in Zsh you : can set them additionally with setopt vi. : : I want to get to the point of command line editing above the basic : tab complete and history browsing, searching and minor corrections. So I : start witch a little example: : : I want to rename a file with the following naming scheme: : : someID_filename.txt to filename.txt : : After my fulminant efficient Vim key combination for table editing, (see this article) : I challenge everybody to find the shortest key combination to fulfill this : task. : : I start with an self-deprating solution: : : First I type: : mv someID_filname.txt : : Now the count begins: : : <Space><Esc>T_y$$p<Enter> : : This makes a total of 9 characters which i have to store in my brain. As I want : to have my head free for more complicated tasks, of course this has to : be optimized dramatically :) : : Have fun.