Today i discovered some nice tools to construct a terminal-based GTD-System for me: remind and the textbased frontend wyrd have to look at wyrd closer to find out how to make it transparent. VimOutliner: emerge vimoutliner TVO: The Vim Outliner: GTD with mutt: GTDTiddlyWiki: Ok, this one is not consolebased but in some sense also minimal, came across this several times, but overlooked that this is a simple html-file which stores everything in it. save it to an usb-stick, access it somewere else, only a webbrowser with javascript is needed. And as i discovered this absolutely ingenious firefox plugin named vimperator (simply said, a plugin which makes praktikaly vim of your firefox) i can use it very fast and without a mouse. Same goes for all Google stuff like gmail or it integrates very well with the keybordshortcuts from google, just press the I-Key if there are conflicts or escape them with C-v.

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